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Or play in Coin Rush Mode (two to four players race to snatch up the most coins) and you can use the Game Pad’s touchscreen to tweak levels, planting coins in tricky spots. Say you want to play a little , you just tell the game to pipe everything to the controller.

The distance the base station can stream to the Game Pad is limited — about 24 feet — but stay in range and you’ve essentially got the best looking, best controlling handheld on the market (including Sony’s Play Station Vita).

For all the talk about missed opportunities — that Nintendo ought to take Mario and Co.

multiplatform — you could argue Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo without its focus on how we play, as much as what we play.

It’s also kind of liberating having that second screen in more traditional games, making information you’d normally pause the game to access available at a glance, say the map view in . The Game Pad also sometimes slips out of sync with the base station, the music running a microbeat behind the TV, causing sonic chaos unless you turn the Game Pad’s volume down. Neither issue’s a deal-breaker, but it’s a little disappointing that something this physically big, not doing any serious local processing, can only manage half the battery life of something like Apple’s i Pad playing a game like .