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This is my guide/template to upgrading Fabric OS (FOS) – Firmware – on the Brocade SAN Switches.

updating website using filezilla on mac-87

2011-09-29: Added FOS 7.0.0b and section about CF cards.

2011-10-19: Wrote a bit about firmware upgrade order.

Also made post a little easier, wrote a little about the release.plist confusion.

2011-05-24: Added example to show that driver updates are important. 2011-07-12: Added FOS 7.0.0a 2011-07-14: Added link to HP knowledge base and updated a link to an ITRC forum thread to point to the new forum.

2014-02-11: Added 7.2.0b and 7.1.1c (HP have 7.1.1c release notes up but IBM does not – to find Brocade version go to IBM’s download the firmware page that’s on and get the release notes from there). 2015-08-31: 6.4.3g and 7.3.1b new revision of release notes.