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That’s how 12-year-old Conner Mc Laren responded to a Think Progress question about what her life would be like if she’d had parents who forced her to be raised as a boy.Conner socially transitioned to living as a girl at age 4.“I felt so wrong when I wasn’t a girl.Several also concluded that participants desisted simply because they did not complete the study.

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trans kids have to advocate for themselves when they are rejected by their schools, but despite some victories, there’s still no national legal precedent that will guarantee their protection from discrimination.

Despite skepticism from those who believe most trans kids will — and should — desist, therapists and families like Conner’s are moving forward with social transitions.

In doing so, they are allowing for a new wave of research to be conducted that is already starkly contradicting the desistance research regarding who exactly transgender kids are and what they are actually experiencing.

The rise of LGBTQ visibility over the past 100 years has forced society to reconcile the complexities of gender and sexuality, and this has been especially true for children, who are often unfairly considered too young to understand these aspects of their identity., who serves as director of mental health for the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at the University of California San Francisco, explained to Think Progress how slow society has been to sort out all these different aspects of gender.

I felt like my connection with my family wasn’t right.

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