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I bet the couple enjoyed the game since the team won with a score of 2-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs.Anna Paquin is currently filming her new TV series “Bellevue” in the city. So what does that even mean, to be a monogamous, married bisexual?

— Confused straight man A: No, that doesn’t make the “True Blood” star straight.

And yes, my “confused” letter writer, it’s possible to be monogamous, married and bisexual.

Dear Civilities: Recently, I was watching Larry King interview Anna Paquin, who has said repeatedly that she’s bisexual, and wondered what you thought of it.

Now that she’s married to a man (“happily, monogamously,” she added), King asked if that means she’s a “non-practicing bisexual.” She answered, “I don’t think it’s a past-tense thing.” I’m a straight married guy and I think pretty broad-minded about this stuff, but I’m confused because I thought the definition of bisexual was someone who slept with partners of either sex.

And she works really hard, which always makes me feel like I don't do enough. There's so many directions it could go in, and one of the things I love about our show is that I still get excited reading the scripts.