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With around half a million users sending 200,000 messages per day, it’s growing about 15% every week, Wolfe claims. While Bumble has not yet monetized and won’t disclose the details of its funding, Wolfe’s partner and major funder is Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo, the multi-billion dollar European social network.

Their Austin-based office has only six employees—and five of them are women.

If you are raising a grandchild or another relative’s child, you are not alone.

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Keep this list in your notebook or folder, and post a copy near your phone. Just do one thing at a time – and keep good notes about who you talk to and what they say.

You may need to go back to your notes when you are seeking help for your grandchildren.

“So did I.” Wouldn’t it be nice, she continues, if there were a bubble over his head listing his job and his education?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get up and say ‘Hi?

And while the whole messy incident has been held up to illustrate the challenges women face in a notoriously bro-friendly tech culture, Wolfe stops short of calling out sexism in tech.

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    "One of the women who took me out on a date took me fishing in Chennai," says Sunder, adding that he has till now gone out on dates in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai. I think this is something that women understand and that is the reason they agree to be a part of it," he says.