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n an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, strange things are happening, things not usually seen on network television.

We refer, of course, to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, overrun by a marauding pack known as the cast of TV's hottest show, .""One night, we had all gone bowling," says Evangeline Lilly, 26, who plays the show's female lead, the beautiful but mysterious criminal Kate.

Wanting to avoid being typecast, Dominic expressed a desire "to play someone different, a nasty and evil character".[8] Through his role in The Lord of the Rings, Dominic was noticed and picked up for Lost.

Dominic initially auditioned for the role of Sawyer, but was instead cast as Charlie. Abrams and Damon Lindelof vowed never to kill off Dominic's character, Charlie, though Dominic was skeptical of the idea that "anyone's really indestructible on this show".[9] In a May 11, 2007 Podcast, Dominic revealed that he didn't mind the idea of his character dying, expressing a desire to avoid being defined by the "Charlie" role and a belief that the relationships he'd forged during Lost would outlast his time on the show.

The island has a whole lot of unexplained hazards, including a murderous tribe of "Others," a polar bear, an invisible monster and a weird goddamn hatch in the ground.