Date side Odsherred

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Date side Odsherred

The horse stands on a bronze rod supported by four wheels. The sculpture was discovered in 1902 in the Trundholm moor in West Zealand County on the northwest coast of the island of Zealand ().

The rod below the horse is connected to the disk, which is supported by two wheels. The sculpture is in the collection of the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Unfortunately it was found before pollen-dating was developed, which would have enabled a more confident dating.

A model of a horse-drawn vehicle on spoked wheels in Northern Europe at such an early time is surprising; they would not be expected to appear until the end of the Late Bronze Age, which ranges from 1100 BC to 550 BC.

It is the time that elapses before the object will reappear at the same point in the sky when observed from the Earth, so it is the orbital period observed from Earth.