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We try to make sense by getting together during changing situations, rather than define a status quo, and we try to be sensible, by embracing diversity within the interpretation of the theme.December 16 – Februari 11Opening Saturday December 16, What would the world be like if humanity were never to leave it, but instead stayed and merged with its materials?Willemstraat 275611 HB Eindhoven Next to the Design Academy, a 10 minutes walk to both central station as to the Van Abbemuseum.

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As an alternative, focused on a public service for the interest-less imagination which is exclusive to the arts, Onomatopee goes onto the streets in action against mollycoddling and in defence of an inclusive world: in an ultimate stimulation of possibility.

They make the people question their role in our collective responsibility regarding public culture.

I recognise and understand these three cultures from both the inside and the outside, and I work to deconstruct the different roles”, says Neseblod.

is een uitdagende en didactische up-to-date totaalmethode voor aardrijkskunde.

It’s not everybody’s space, but the space of the majority.