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A floral wave of jasmine, iris, palisander and ylang-ylang form the heart, while base notes include incense, myrrh, raspberry, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, leather, musk, opoponax and vanilla. It is a hazy balsamic warm scent yet it smells somehow cheap at the same time.

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I get a feel ofa late 80s chemical powerhouse from Ciara, rather than 70s hippy chic, but it might also be my nose trying to work out everything that's going on - I even got a whiff of Lulu for a moment. Well, I'm guilty of another blind buy of an old classic oriental. Definite shades of Nag Champa, once you get past the initial raspberry, which is quite synthetic smelling. I wouldn't think twice paying 100 dollars a bottle.

This fragrance is such a classic, I'm surprised I had never tried it before. This to me smells like the heady days of my misspent youth, when I was dating men who burned incense rather than showered and I smoked cigarettes like it was going out of fashion (hint: it was!

While this debuted in 1973, and Revlon now makes this and not the original Revson..scent has basically stayed the same, and this is a VERY good thing! To be honest, they smell about the same..I always reach for the 100 Strength.

This fragrance is made in 80, 100 and 200 Strength. I do not find the 100 "stronger", but it does last longer and yet I always feel the 100 Strength is softer, more rounded and just wears incredibly well throughout the day (or night). If you like scents like vintage 1977 Opium, Shalimar, Youth Dew, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Original CK Obsession, Tabu, Angel..will FLIP over Ciara.

It's simple, functional, and even lightweight enough to toss in my purse. I imagine it's a easy swap too since it's still so well liked in the fragrance community. It has all the warm oriental notes I love, but it just does not come together.